We’ve all heard the African proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child”.   The PetFriendly.Love™  family knows that it will take a village to grow our company.

Our village consists of an advisory board that is diverse, experts in their niche, respected by their colleagues, and share the same guiding principles in their own business, as PetFriendly.Love™.

Many of our advisory board members are entrepreneurs and even “pet-preneurs”.  It’s important to note, that

Bob Jenkins, Co-Founder Verde Products & Let Your Love Grow

the PetFriendly.Love™ team has chosen to surround themselves with a large advisory board by design. This group of thought-leaders will provide perspective, that will guide transparency, which is the foundation of our company.  Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing each charter advisory board member.

Meet Bob Jenkins

Having shared this, we are proud to introduce Mr. Bob Jenkins,  co-founder &  president of Verde Products Inc. and Let Your Love Grow. 

Let Your Love Grow, is a revolutionary product that turns death into life! Yes, you read that right. Let Your Love Grow, is a product that when mixed with the cremated ashes from your beloved pet or person, creates a living memorial to them.  What many people don’t know, is that cremated remains when scattered on their own, are extremely harmful to the earth.  However, when combining them with an organic mixture, you can make cremated remains into nutrient-rich soil that can be returned to the earth. It’s the only product to on the market, that has the science behind them.

Bob oversees the daily operations, sales, marketing, business and product development.  He has over 40 years in funeral service that include all aspects of the profession from managing funeral homes, crematories and cemetery properties, to building sales territories and managing sales teams for two nationally recognized funeral service companies.  Bob has consulted with many firms throughout the U.S. to educate staff on product and presentation to enhance revenue.  He graduated from Kentucky School of Mortuary Science, Louisville, KY.

Through research and experimentation, Bob has partnered with an international forensic team that includes an:

  • entomologist
  • tophonomist
  • anthropologist.

Together, they study and understand the environmental impact of the disposition of human and pet bodies that are either buried or cremated.  Both buried and cremated remains can have significant effects, positive and negative, on their surrounding environment. Most of these effects are insufficiently understood.  Bob’s goal is to help educate the after-life care profession (cemeteries and death care professionals), as well as the cinfo@letyourlovegrow.comonsumer, on the important aspect of memorializing while creating balance and harmony with Mother Nature

Bob resides in Wildwood, Missouri with his wife, Annette and his beloved companion, Roscoe, a rescued dachshund.

If you are interested in learning more about Bob, or his product, please contact him here.



PetFriendly.Love™  is dedicated to creating transparency and accountability through online reviews by consumers, for pet-friendly businesses or organizations. We encourage everyone to join and take the PetFriendly.Love Promise. There is no charge for joining. Businesses and Organizations are encouraged to become PetFriendly Certified.


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