Alex Farr, Founder PetWill

Meet Alex Farr.  He’s a PetFriendly.Love™ advisory board member, whose journey was forever changed when his life was saved by pit-bull mix.

This quote by Simon Sine defines Alex Farr to a tee.

Every person’s life is a journey and Alex’s voyage could have turned out very differently.  He is a man that overcame adversity, then chose to use this experience as his inspiration for creating a platform to make a difference for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Even during Alex’s childhood, he witnessed life-changing situations, causing him to reshape the way he viewed the world and responded to life. He was born in Tehran and spent his childhood years there. He witnessed the insurgency of Iran which resulted in the war between Iran and Iraq.

One can only imagine an average day growing up in Tehran. Even its best day did not compare to an average day for a child growing up in the United States. Cultural norms, societal tension, and laws differed greatly. Survival meant becoming emotionally resilient and physically strong. In 1984, Alex’s family was able to flee from Iran to Amsterdam.

A year later, they moved to the United States, to live the “American Dream”.

The good news was, as a teenager, Alex and his family now lived in the United States. A country that valued human life and human rights.  The bad news was, his father was diagnosed and suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD), from all he had witnessed earlier in life. The combination of PTSD and alcohol resulted in their family becoming homeless. End-result, at the age of 17, Alex ended up living on the street, where he became a member of a Vietnamese motorcycle gang.

It was during that chapter in Alex’s journey, his life was forever changed. While being beat-up by rival gang members, a random street dog chose to protect Alex, therefore running his attackers off and saving his life. This act of bravery, by a dog who chose to place his life in danger to save Alex, was a marker moment.  Alex adopted this dog, named him Rocky and re-evaluated his life. He chose to leave the gang. He wanted to better himself for Rocky. They had nowhere to go, so Alex and Rocky for a brief period lived out of Alex’s car. It was during that time Alex found forgiveness.

Finding your “Why”.

Shortly thereafter, Alex entered college, moved in with his married sister and became employed. He enjoyed business classes and ultimately started his own very successful computer programming business in Silicon Valley. During this time, he was active as a volunteer in animal rescue.  While volunteering at the shelter, a friend of his died and that person’s dog was euthanized in a shelter.  This weighed on Alex’s heart.  He found himself looking for a solution to save pets from being euthanized for simply outliving their owner.  This quest led him to create Petwill.

PetWill is a product designed to give pets a custom ID Tag, online Profile, and legal protection to help them get home faster if they’re lost. The product was a real success as pet owners showed a real interest in buying and using it and they appreciated all the benefits it offered to them.

In Alex’s words, “Everything I’ve learned so far has prepared me to lead PetWill for our mission to safeguard your pets. We offer you the power of the law, technology, and community to help your pets be cared for during their entire lives. Our products are affordable and easy to use. If you already bought a PetWill, I am grateful to you. If you are thinking about getting a PetWill, I am honored to have you join us. If you believe our pets deserve more recognition as loved family members, to be given respect and dignity, I’m asking for your voice. Tell your friends about PetWill and together let’s safeguard 20 million pets by the year 2020.”

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