Pet-Friendly, What Does it Really Mean?

The term “pet-friendly” is becoming one of the most popular catchphrases among pet owners, or “pet parents” as they are often referred to these days. Businesses and organizations, from mom and pop size to large corporations are making the claim that they are pet-friendly. But, what does the expression pet-friendly really mean? While it’s only a two-word phrase, the definition can take on many meanings, depending on who you are speaking with and what environment you are in. What’s not being discussed is the lack of standards for those who want to become a pet-friendly entity. The next few paragraphs will discuss what being pet-friendly should mean and why you should become certified.

The Unspoken Definition

                “How clean is your hotel?”

For those who travel, it may mean that the campground or hotel they are staying at allows pets. Individuals who enjoy dining out may translate this to meaning leashed pets being welcome. People who like to shop might assume their pets may join them. In the workplace, employees could interpret this as being able to bring their pet to the office. For those seeking housing, it infers animals are allowed. These are the most obvious, however, as the pet-friendly movement continues to gain popularity there needs to be clarity. It needs to be clearly defined.

Currently, there is no one go-to global resource that unites pet lovers with pet-friendly businesses and organizations, through online consumer reviews. There is also no one resource that holds these entities accountable through a pet-friendly certification program, until now!

Establishing Pet-Friendly Standards Through Certification

The team at  PetFreindly.Love™ is proud to introduce the first all-inclusive standards for business or organizations to uphold through the PetFriendly.Love Certification Program (PFLC).  When an entity becomes PetFreindly.Love™ Certified, this means they have met the requirements which demonstrate:

  • That they will never cause pain or unnecessary suffering to animals.
  • Safety precautions have been made for both owners and pets.
  • An atmosphere of transparency for those who support a pet-friendly philosophy.
  • Support and refer to other like-minded entities.
  • That they donate to pet charitable events or organizations.
  • The belief, encouragement, and support of the human-animal bond.
  • A willingness to learn through a customer five “paw-review” program.

Certification Benefits: The PetFriendly Dozen

  1. License to use the PetFreindly.Love™ Certification Logo.
  2. Competitive edge – pet lovers are loyal!
  3. Quarterly Newsletter.
  4. Discounted Advertising on the PetFreindly.Love™ website.
  5. Be a guest blogger or featured on our website at least 1 time per month.
  6. Featured in Pet.Friendly.Love’s Social Media posts at least 1 time per month.
  7. Annual Recognition at PetFreindly.Love™ Awards Ceremony.
  8. Opportunity to compete in annual  PetFreindly.Love™ Company of the Year Award.
  9. Waiver of CEO/COO Speaker’s Fee at your company event – pay travel expenses only (A $1500 value)
  10. Private PetFreindly.Love™ Facebook Community for networking, forums, discussions, and industry meetups.
  11. Complimentary online webinar attendance.
  12. Discount on purchase of PetFreindly.Love™ PetCoin.

How to Become PetFriendly.Love PetFreindly.Love™ Certified

To become PetFreindly.Love™ Certified, a representative from your business or organization must complete a three-step process.

  1. Download the application and complete it.
  2. Complete and return it with the one-time $150.00 application fee.
  3. Upon criteria approval pay the PetFriendly.Love yearly fee.

The annual fee is based on the number of employees within your business. Once payment has been processed you will be sent  PetFreindly.Love™ Certified stickers to physically display at your facility, and digital logos for you to place on your website, social media, and printed collateral material. A link will also be provided, so you can remind your clients to leave an online review.

To be a PetFreindly.Love™ Certified, means you have differentiated yourself from your competitors. You will be perceived as the best if the best. Your business or organization will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you walk your talk. So please, take a minute to review the  PetFreindly.Love™ Promise, and agree to the terms, then take the next natural step in becoming  PetFreindly.Love™ Certified.

Remember, if you love pets and love people more, you’ll be glad you did!



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