PetFriendly.Love™ validates that a business is legitimately “pet friendly” vs. just stating they are “pet friendly”.  It’s our goal that through online consumer PawReviews and participation from organizations willing to take the PetFriendly.Love™ Promise and complete the online PetFriendly.Love™ Certification Program we will create a world-class standard that also becomes the go-to resource for both consumers and businesses for all things PetFriendly. AS a result, consumers will have confidence when they travel, shop, play, dine or donate.



Certification Benefits: The PetFriendly Dozen

  1. License to use Certification Logo
  2. Competitive edge – pet lovers are loyal
  3. Quarterly Newsletter
  4. Discounted Advertising on Site
  5. Guest Blogger – at least 1 time per month
  6. Featured in Social Media posts – at least 1 time per month
  7. Annual Recognition at PetFriendly.Love Awards Ceremony
  8. Opportunity to compete in annual PetFriendly Company of the Year Award
  9. Waiver of CEO/COO Speaker’s Fee at your company event – pay travel expenses only (A $1500 value)
  10. Private FB Community – online forum, group discussions, industry meetups
  11. Complimentary Online Webinar Attendance
  12. Discount on purchase of PetFriendly.Love PetCoin™
  13. Crowdfunding Benefit

Application Fee: $150


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