Member Benefits

Consumer Benefits

  • Connect with PetFriendly industry leaders committed to the human-animal bond that have taken the PetFriendly.Love™ Promise and/or have become PetFriendly.Love™ Certified
  • Provide feedback through the Paw Review system to advise fellow PetFriendly consumers about the quality of products and services from PetFriendly.Love™ subscribers and PetFriendly.Love™ Certified businesses and organizations.

Business/Organization Benefits

  • Connect with consumers determined to do business with like-minded PetFriendly.Love™ businesses and organizations.
  • Receive a PetFriendly Subscriber listing with consumer-provided PawReview ratings.

The PetFriendly.Love™ Promise

Those businesses, organizations and professionals who interact with animal friendly consumers, products and services on an ethical and petfriendly basis have no singular venue to differentiate themselves. PetFriendly.Love™ Promise was created for this purpose.

Just some of the benefits gained by making The PetFriendly.Love™ Promise are:

  • Helping to champion standardization revolving around ethics related to the human-animal bond, animal ethics, animal welfare and animal rights.
  • Aiding in the creation of protocols and legislation, that would create greater animal protections and recognition as living, feeling beings.
  • Providing reliable education to help people evaluate the efficacy of products and program selections.
  • Communicating on a closed Facebook Group to discuss questions with likeminded individuals.
  • Providing a forum for non-profit organizations to monetize the funding of their organization by participating in interactive online fundraising activities.
  • Having peace of mind, by knowing when you refer others to a member of the PetFriendly Network, they will receive a quality service or product that promotes the animal-human bond.
  • Enabling those you interact with the opportunity to rate and review your business, service, or program.
  • Gaining future business through online reviews.

If you are a professional, an organization or business who serve the interests of PetFriendly™ consumers or provides animal or pet related services or products, join us by subscribing and taking The PetFriendly.Love™ Promise today.  Your participation will allow your organization to qualify and apply to become PetFriendly.Love™ Certified, the only animal centric certification for all PetFriendly™ organizations available today.

Make the Promise! When you love pets, you love people too.

Take the Promise and Join PetFriendly.Love™ today!


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